The "HEIKIN ASHI" Strategy That The Top 5% Use [ High Winrate ]

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Most traders use the Japanese candlesticks for trading. The candlesticks do provide some really valuable information, but the interpretation of these candlesticks become very subjective. This means that, my interpretation about a particular candle could be vastly different from your interpretation. This subjectivity is something that scares new traders.

This is where the Heikin Ashi comes into the picture. Heikin Ashi is charting technique, just like candlesticks. However, it is a lot more simple.

In this video we will understand how the Heikin Ashi candlesticks work, and we will also learn a trading strategy using the Heikin Ashi charts. But, Before we proceed, be sure to subscribe to our channel as we share new and effective strategies every week.

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