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7:00 Living a Primal Lifestyle with Nico and Ellen DeHaan (Only Airs on Tuesday)
8:30 The Morning Market Kickoff with Tommy O’Brien
9:00 9AM Market Update
9:06 Trade What You See with Larry Pesavento
10:00 10AM Market Update
10:06 The Bull Bear Trading Hour with Tom and Tommy O’Brien
11:00 TD Ameritrade’s Thinkorswim with Alex Coffey and Kevin Hincks
12:00 NOON Market Update
12:06 The Tiger Technician’s Hour with Basil Chapman
1:00 1PM Market Update
1:06 The Trader’s Edge with Steve Rhodes
2:00 2PM Market Update
2:06 The Power Trading Hour with David White
3:00 3PM Market Update
3:06 The Tom O’Brien Show
4:00 4PM Market Update

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