Price Action Scalping Forex Trading Strategy 2021

In this video I explain my price action trading strategy that I use to day trade and scalp in the forex markets. This is a very basic explanation of how I trade, and the purpose of this video is to give you all a better idea of my trading style and hopefully provide some valuable information that you can use in the markets.

Don’s Channel –

I hope everyone following my journey learns something of value and benefits from my content. Day trading isn’t easy and there are many struggles that we all go through before becoming consistent and profitable. I want all of us to succeed and become better traders together and that is truly what this channel is all about.

All of my videos will be centred on documenting my personal trading journey along with providing insights to help other traders. Whether you have been trading forex for days or years, I hope my content benefits you on your own journey.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT Financial Advice. I am a forex trader and I am simply here to share my experience. Everything and anything that you do is NOT my responsibility.


0:00 – Intro
1:29 – Key Strategy Elements
4:23 – Trading Strategy Example
11:54 – Outro

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