EURJPY – BUY ABOVE @129.50 for FX:EURJPY by PeNuel2020

(Don’t forget to like this idea and follow me for more updates. Thanks a lot!!!) BULLISH SHARK PATTERN If you noticed, in the past couple of days now, some ***JPY have been playing around these harmonic pattern
and they’ve actually played out nicely. But we just have to be very careful and ensure we all stick to our trading
rules and plan. Do not overtrade and do not take any analysis you see hook-line-and-sinker. Cross reference them. So, I am expecting a little slide down during Asian session on Friday (16/07/2021) and then we start to see rallies
and consolidations to notify us for a good buy. Keep and eye and stay safe. DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is not an investment advice for anybody to run or undertake; It is for
educational purposes only and they are my personal views on these assets. If anything goes south, I am not liable.
Also, know that Forex is a high risk and reward business. So, do not trade with borrowed money or the one you can
not afford to lose.


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