Daily High Low Forex Trading Strategy In Hindi || How to Trade Daily Highs and Lows

The Daily High Low Forex Trading Strategy is based on a simple concept. In this video, we will also show you how to trade daily highs and lows? In the daily high and low trading strategy, if the price reverses from the day high or day low level, then this will be a big reversal signal of the daily high low traders.

The daily time frame is crucial, as most of the significant market players use this time frame in their trading. Therefore, any trading strategy within the daily time frame can provide better trading results. The daily high low trading strategy is based on the high and low prices of the previous day. For day traders, the previous day’s high and low are important points, as the low price of the previous day acts as a support and the highs acts as a resistance level.

In a bullish market, if the price can not break through the previous day’s high and form a reversal candle, then this will be the best sell signal for intraday trading. In a bear market, if the price cannot break through the previous day’s lows and form a reversal bullish candle, then it could be a potential buy signal for intraday trading.

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